How to Apply RAW Beauty LLC Natural Makeup Tutorial

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Hey Gorgeous Lady!

Thanks for stopping by. I have been asked many times for makeup tips so I decided the time is now to introduce you to the RAW Beauty LLC makeup line and the best way to apply the products. 

As with most natural makeup the most important step is the Makeup Primer. Without a primer your makeup won't stay put and look flat. The best feature of RAW Beauty LLC makeup primer is it is also moisturizing for your face and will keep your makeup on all day long (even through an occasional nap :) ).  Here is a short video on how to apply it. I have zero makeup on so I can guide you through the application process. These videos are 100% unedited.


The next makeup product I like to apply is the creme concealer/cream foundation aka Fix-It Stix. 



The third product I will apply here is the Liquid Foundation although you may choose to just use the Creme Foundation which would give you a bit more coverage. If you go this route you can go lighter on the Makeup Primer application because the cream foundation offers the same great benefits and gives your powders something to hold onto. It comes down to preference. 


Now you have your base face. You are ready for the colors (the fun part). There are endless possibilities with shades and colors so get creative. 



So there you have it! Once you get your routine down it can be as quick as a few minutes to get your makeup on and get out the door. 

What are your favorites beauty products to help you get ready quickly in the morning? 

We love to see customer photos with their RAW Beauty LLC faces, if you would like to share yours email us at


Have a Fantastic Week!






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